BrainWave EEG cap

The new standard for EEG caps around the world. 
Dutch-made quality with absolutely no compromises. The BrainWave EEG Cap is the best EEG head cap available on the market today. 

  • Ag/AgCl electrodes for better signal quality
  • Silicone electrodes and ergonomic fit for better comfort
  • Very flexible cap so no intermediate sizes are necessary up to 21 electrodes
  • Water repellent material which reduces drying time
  • Electrode cables integrated in the cap
  • Durable and hygienic material use resulting in longer life span
  • 12 months warranty and up to 36 months repair service

CE Qualified: MDR compliant. Manufactured under ISO 13485 QA system. 

Perfect fit for both professional and patient, through…
  • Usability

Integrated wires for hassle-free use;

  • Comfort & Ergonomics

More comfort and less gel spilling with soft cups around electrodes and the lightweight, laser cut, breathable fabric;

  • Durability

Extremely durable materials make for an excellent return on investment and allow high demand usage;

  • Recording cycles

Multiple recording cycles per day, due to the supple and elastic wicking textile that ensures easy cleaning and short drying time;

  • Water repellent

Very short drying time due to water repellent properties of the fabric fiber;

  • Signal transmission

Superior signal transmission with low profile sintered Ag/AgCI EEG electrodes that safeguard DC stable recordings;

  • Hygiene

Best in class hygienic properties reducing cross contamination risks;

  • Guarantee & Service

12 months guarantee and standard up to 36 months of service to ensure you of any needed support




Head size


BWIU021L1501 58 - 62 Blue

BWIU021M1501 54 - 58 Red


BWIU021S1501 50 - 54 Yellow 

Currently, sizes Small, Medium and Large are available. Children's sizes will also be available in due course. Tin electrodes will be available as from mid Q4/2021.