IQ5 Washer Disinfector

Proven performance, reliability and space-saving design for CSSDs. The IQ5 series are specially designed for use in CSSDs, surgical wards, intensive care and other departments, as well as healthcare facilities where decontamination of materials are required.

The Washer Disinfector comes as an automatic sliding door version with one or two doors.

Its high capacity, flexibility and speed guarantees the execution of optimal, reliable and safe processes at the lowest costs. Its small footprint and short cycle times makes the IQ5 a superior Washer Disinfector.

The IQ5 even allows robotic loading and unloading, hereby reducing heavy lifting and improving the working environment inside the CSSD.

The IQ5 has a low energy, detergent and water consumption, which keep operating costs at a minimum and contribute to a clean environment.