Stille Imagiq2

The Stille ImagiQ2 has been developed as the showpiece of the mobile operating tables with the most radio-translucent tabletop on the market and, consequently, the low dose operating table with True Free Floating using the pan handle. The ImagiQ2 also allows, by its low foot base, to bring the detector / image intensifier closer to the patient. 

With the longest longitudinal free float (90cm) and in addition, the table is also equipped with a lateral float (25cm) and diagonal float (93.4cm) to give you total freedom of movement not defined by a motor like traditional tables. 

The Stille Imagiq2 is suitable for vascular surgery, neurosurgery, ERCP and abdominal surgery as well as pain management 

Lower radiation dose, improved image quality and shorter operating times


60 % better translucency than other tables

No image artifacts or distortions from tabletop edges

Cut operating time by up to 40 minutes

True Free Float® positioning with full control over table movement in all directions

Optimize the position of the c-arm receptor without hitting the base or wheels of the table