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In order to minimize postoperative pain in hernia surgery, Duomed daily maps out the highest quality products to ensure a better quality of life for the patient.

Discover below the innovative products and the advantages you as a General / Hernia Repair Surgeon should know about.

4DMesh® by Cousin Biotech
4DMesh® by Cousin Biotech


Semi-resorbable parietal reinforcement implants

This mesh - for the parietal treatment and reinforcement of inguinal and femoral hernias - is made of monofilament polypropylene and poly-L-lactic Acid (PLLA) knit and therefore 75% resorbable. The study "Early results of comparison of polypropylene mesh and 75% resorbable mesh (monofilament polypropylene and poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) mesh) for laparoscopic total extraperitoneal (TEP) inguinal hernia repair" has shown the following:

"The PLLA patch used in the TEP method is thought to be a herniated patch that can be safely used because of its ease of application and less postoperative complication rates and more rapid return to work."

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Tailored Implants Made of PVDF 

Very high body compatibility

  • PVDF mesh structures have good biocompatibility (assessed according to ISO 10993) and show significantly lower granuloma formation (scar tissue). Therefore, the risk of undesirable foreign body reactions is minimised.

High ageing resistance​​​​​

  • PVDF has been used as a surgical suture material for many decades with great success, even in the most demanding areas of application such as ophthalmology and cardiology.
  • A long-term study over seven years has proven this: The condition of the PVDF surface remains unchanged, filaments are still stable, nothing becomes brittle.

Discover all advantages of PVDF in the animation below:

Foreign Body Reaction – Comparison of PVDF and PP
Foreign Body Reaction – Comparison of PVDF and PP
Liquiband Fix8 Duomed Hernia Solutions

Surgical Glue

Designed for atraumatic hernia mesh fixation

Innovative liquid anchors result in strong hernia mesh fixation reducing the risk of some common post operative complications such as:

  • Neuralgia1

  • Paresthesia1

  • Mechanical Tissue Trauma1
1: On AMS Data file

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