Reducing waste in Operating Theatres with Resposable™ solutions

Reducing single use plastics  in operating theatres

One of the most polluting areas of the hospital is the Operating Theatre. Although Operating Theatres physically occupy a relatively small area in hospitals, they generate a disproportionate amount of waste.

Our partner Surgical Innovations has been leading the way in the reduction of plastic disposable since 1992. The innovative design of Resposable™ ranges provides a high-quality instrument with the clinical benefits of a small disposable element.

Over the past 45 years, the healthcare industry has undergone a radical change in the types of products that it uses and its disposal practices. In the 1980s, concern about the spread of blood-borne diseases prompted a large-scale change to the use of disposable products, rather than the traditional washing, sterilisation and re-use. (p. 01) This reduction in the requirement for local sterilisation created a negative feedback loop whereby sterilisation units were closed and centralised, causing a shortage of sterilisation facilities, which in turn further encouraged the change to disposable products.

The iatrogenic acquisition of blood-borne disease from sterilised instrument seems to be a very small risk. One of the primary instigators of the change to disposable instruments was fear of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease in Neurosurgery. Despite the continued use of mostly reusable instruments in this speciality, there has been no record of infection by the CJD prion relating to surgery in over 30 years. (p. 02)

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Reducing waste in Operating Theatres with Resposable™ solutions

Reducing waste in Operating Theatres with Resposable™ solutions

Resposable™ products reduce waste by 70%*, compared to expensive fully disposable alternatives, providing the solution for Hospitals looking to reduce costs and waste whilst maintaining reliability and quality.

It is important to consider what options are available to reduce the carbon emissions of healthcare providers. This will also generate large cost savings in clinical waste disposal and recurring costs of single use items.

The YelloPort Elite™ Resposable™ port access system with full range of trocar tips:

YelloPort resposable trocar

Reduce plastic waste by 70%

  • Kinder to the environment, compared to fully disposable alternatives
  • Reduction in waste significantly reduces the cost of disposal
  • The equivalent of 8 plastic bottles could be diverted from landfill for every 10/12mm port.

Made in the UK

  • Manufactured in Leeds, using UK sourced components
  • High British standards
  • Taxes paid in the UK

Hiqh quality, cost-effective solution

  • Excellent functionality from a well designed seal
  • Small recurring cost for the disposable element
  • Less than half the price of popular alternatives
*(Reducing Plastic Waste in the Operating Theatre - Resposables (Jan 2020, 1st ed.)
Duomed powered by GreenCycl

Duomed powered by GreenCycl

In order to simplify and make the cleaning process of the instruments more sustainable, we have designed a custom-made sterilization basket in collaboration with GreenCycl. The basket is designed in such a way that, thanks to the 'mono flush' system, you can position the parts in such a way that an even better cleaning of the trocars takes place. 

On top of that, GreenCycl uses recycled hospital waste to manufacture the baskets. So the circle is complete!

More info

Your local representative is available to conduct an evaluation of your operating theatre waste to see what savings your hospital could achieve. Please contact us for more info:

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