Advancing oxygen therapy for better patient care: An innovative mask with benefits for patient, caregiver and hospital.

We would like to present you the OxyMask™, patented and sold globally.

Unique in its kind, it is THE solution for oxygen administration.

  • With one mask you can administer 24% to 90% oxygen
  • Can be used for High Flow O2 therapy up to 40L/min
  • Greater patient comfort: communication remains possible
  • Reduced risk of re-inhaling carbon dioxide
  • Easy to use for the healthcare professional
  • One mask replaces all your other oxygen supply solutions (you reduce your stock of O2 supplies and your PVC waste)

Discover more about the functioning and all the advantages of this innovative mask in the video.

Patient Safety
• Reduces the risk of CO2 rebreathing
• Reduces the risk of emesis aspiration
• For nose or mouth breather
• Available EtCO2 monitoring

Patient Comfort
• Reduces feelings of claustrophobia
• No build up of heat or humidity
under the mask
• Unrestricted communication
• Access for fluids and oral medication

Oxygen Therapy Compliance
Uninterrupted oxygen therapy aids compliance of prescribed
oxygen therapy