NeoShades with tabs

Phototherapy Eye Shields


Step 1 : Select proper size
Step 2 : Clean and dry skin per hospital protocol
Note: It is important for skin to be as clean and dry as possible.
Tabs will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will adversely affect adhesion.


Step 1: Before removing liners, carefully remove tabs from NeoShades and warm tabs in hands for 60 seconds. May also be held under radiant or heel warmer for 10 to 15 seconds
Step 2 : Peel and discard liners. Place tabs on skin and hold in place for 60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion
Step 3 : Cover eyes with NeoShades and gently attach to tabs


Step 1 : Hold edge of tab in place and slowly separate NeoShades from tab
Step 2 : Saturate tab with water or saline
Step 3 : Slowly peel tab away from skin as you swab with water or saline