OTSG Xcavator™


A new dimension in endoscopic grasping.

The extra-large capacity of the OTSG Xcavator™ allows easy and effective removal of necrotic (pancreatic) tissue, blood clots, food boluses and foreign bodies.

The OTSG Xcavator™

The external control of the grasper leaves the working channel free for additional suction/irrigation capacity and allows the combination with further instruments (e.g. snares, graspers, etc.).

The conical design and transparent scoops allow effortless endoscopic insertion through a pre-applied stent (Ø min. 15 mm). The healthy tissue is protected by the blunt scoops during grasping.

If required, an additional guide wire (Ø max. 1 mm/0.038 in) can be used.

Item no. Description Endoscope diameter (mm) Shaft length (cm) Unit
200.15 OTSG Xcavator cap  9.5–10.5 165 2