Endo Pouch with Memory Wire

The Endo Pouch with Memory Wire comes rolled up inside a 10mm tube for introduction through a 10mm/12mm port and a pusher drives the bag forward into the abdominal cavity. This simple deployment method enables quick and safe insertion through any 10mm/12mm port, negating the need for an additional port exclusively for bag introduction.

Features and Benefits
  • Simple delivery device to aid rapid entry
  • Bag opens automatically and a nitinol wire holds the mouth open during tissue capture without any assistance
  • Bag can be closed for specimen security by using grasping forceps on the memory wire loop and tail
  • Rigid nitinol wire assists the extraction of the bag through the port without the use of a large claw instrument
  • Impermeable and tear-resistant material reduces port site contamination risks
  • Bag is transparent for better visibility of specimen