Mini NeoLead

ECG Electrodes

With its pre-wired electrodes, hydrogel center, and hydrocolloid border, Neotech’s Mini NeoLead is ideal for neonatal use. The NeoBond Hydrocolloid border helps stop the hydrogel center from oozing or drying too quickly. This innovative border also minimizes slippage and offers sensor stability for improved tracings. Mini NeoLead has no natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP.

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-wired electrodes
  • Hydrogel center
  • NeoBond® Hydrocolloid border designed to:
    - Prevent hydrogel from oozing or drying prematurely
    - Provide sensor stability for better tracings
    - Minimize slipping
  • Multi-colored wires for easier identification
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
  • Sets of three individually packaged