SuperSonic MACH 20

Take advantage of outstanding image quality and access to ShearWave PLUS, the reference in elastography. 
Understanding your everyday challenges, SuperSonic MACH 20 performance meets innovation with leading edge UltraFast™ technology and SonicPad™.

SuperSonic MACH 20 gives you the flexibility to benefit from proprietary ShearWave™ PLUS elastography on the transducer of your choice.


  • 21,5” Full HD Monitor
  • 13,3” Full HD touch-screen
  • 5 Transducer holders
  • Electric lift

Comfort and efficiency


Multitouch trackpad contributes to enhanced workflow, significant decrease in user movement and exam time reduction


Proprietary software architecture results in genuine diagnostic B-mode information.

Ultrafast imaging

Enabling the development of innovative imaging modes such as ANGIO PL.U.S., TRIVU, LIVER MARKERS, NEEDLE PL.U.S. and ULTRAFAST™ DOPPLER to address a broad spectrum of clinical challenges

Shearwave plus 

The next generation of ShearWave elastography, SWE™ PLUS, is the only technique capable of visualizing, analyzing and quantifying tissue stiffness in real-time. SWE™ PLUS is clinically proven to be reliable and highly reproducible.

Available innovative softwares on SuperSonic MACH 20

Needle PL.U.S.

Needle PL.U.S. allows you not only to visualize the needle but also predicts its trajectory. This real-time imaging mode allows you to perform biopsies with precision and confidence, without loss of B-mode information.

Angio PL.U.S.

Angio PL.U.S. is a color mode that offers enhanced sensitivity and resolution of blood flow. Angio PL.U.S. provides the possibility to explore microvasculature without the use of a contrast agent.


TriVu is a real-time imaging mode that allows you to display morphology (B-mode), stiffness (SWE PLUS) and flow information (equivalent to Angio PL.U.S.), all in the same image, simultaneously. TriVu is the answer to confident and timely diagnosis.

Take advantage of outstanding image quality and access to ShearWave PLUS, the reference in elastography.