IQ4 Washer Disinfector


The KEN IQ4 belongs to the new generation of Washer Disinfectors developed by KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS for the HEALTHCARE industry. It is specially designed for use in smaller washrooms in hospitals to wash scissors, instruments and wash bowls among other things.

The machine is available as a manual drop down version with one or two doors. The double door models ensure an effective barrier between the unclean side and the clean side, optimizing the required level of hygiene and reducing the risk of hospital infections as well as keeping a safe working environment for the staff.

The IQ4 has a small footprint, and is characterised as a smaller instrument washer with a fast process time and great flexibility. The machine guarantees the execution of optimal, reliable and safe processes at the lowest costs.

The IQ4 comes with a wide range of racks, trolleys and modules to suit every need.