Expert speaking | Innovative Vivostat® technology in Thoracic Surgery

Vivostat surgery in Jessa Hospital

The Vivostat® System is the world’s only system for on-site preparation and application of autologous concentrated fibrin and platelet enriched fibrin sealants. It provides hemostasis, tissue sealing and tissue repair for a range of surgical areas enabling faster and better clinical outcomes.


Compared to conventional products, the Vivostat® product portfolio has a number of unique features, and being patient derived the products demonstrate excellent biocompatibility. Furthermore, no thrombin or bovine components are added to the blood or fibrin/PRF® solution at any time during the process.

Dr Bert Du Pont

We talked with Dr Bert Du Pont, Vascular and Thoracic surgeon, about his experiences with Vivostat® technology.


"How can Thoracic Surgery benefit from the technology of Vivostat? Can even experienced doctors benefit from using Vivostat? How can the patient benefit from the Vivostat technology?"

Dr. Du Pont is more than happy to share his perspective on these and many other questions in the interview below.

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Expert interview with Dr. Bert Du Pont
Expert interview with Dr. Bert Du Pont