UZ Gent enthusiastically launched the new GE CHA CC - Centricity High Acuity Critical Care platform


Late May, UZ Gent enthusiastically launched the new 'GE CHA CC, Centricity High Acuity - Critical Care' platform. This application is a major step forward in supporting patient care, by aiding workflow, clinical decision making, care documentation, data collection, ….  Previously, UZ Gent had been using GE Clinisoft since 2002, but it's time for a fresh start. The rollout of 116 ICU and NICU beds, scheduled to be completed by September, promises groundbreaking improvement.

The implementation of the brand-new CHA CC platform is an impressive achievement by the highly motivated UZ Gent team, closely supported by the experts from Duomed Clinical Software Solutions. Together, they managed to accomplish this implementation in a record time of less than one year, with a smooth go-live!

By choosing Duomed, GE HealthCare, and the Centricity platform, UZ Gent reaffirms their unwavering trust. They now have an extremely modern and powerful solution that not only provides significant clinical value but also seamlessly integrates with various devices and systems. UZ Gent is setting a new standard in healthcare with this step forward.

Special thanks to our Clinical Software Solutions team for their commitment, motivation and drive.