Carescape R860

The CARESCAPE™ R860 ICU ventilator features expert user tools, an innovative human-centered user interface, and is inherently familiar the first time you use it.

The logical path to lungprotection

Menu-free navigation

The user interface on the CARESCAPE R860 represents a leap forward in our touchscreen technology. Intuitively organized and easily accessible, relevant clinical content and therapy controls are not buried in menus, they are at your fingertips.

By replacing menus with workspace views, the CARESCAPE R860 has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use.

Keep your focus where needed

Interactive touchscreen slider controls of the master timeline in trend views reveal event-centric historical data that lets you take a snapshot into the past. This allows for a deep dive to compare settings, measured values and alarms within a specific period of time. Easy alarm management by centralizing alarm functions and making patient alarm history easy to find with a single touch.

Advanced Clinical Decision Support tools


Carescape R860 is an intuitive ICU ventilator that offers a comprehensive solution for Lung Protection strategy by simplifying the use of advanced tools to assess patient lung volume, check potential recruitability and titrate the appropriate PEEP:

  • FRC INview: lung volume assessment
  • Spirodynamics: static lung compliance measurement
  • PEEP INview: advanced PEEP titration

Gentler breathes for easy breathing

Nutritional Support

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery of ventilated patients.

Carescape R860 offers advanced tools for Indirect Calorimetry measurement at the bedside, parameters that are measured, not estimated:

  • VO2: oxygen uptake
  • VCO2: CO2 production
  • EE: Energy Expenditure
  • RQ: Respiratory Quotient

A measured approach to balanced nutrition

Carescape R860, the logical path to lungprotection