GE Lunar iDXA

GE Healthcare's Lunar iDXATM produces unprecedented results thanks to its incredible images – with the best precision and accuracy, automated features that make operation intuitive, integrated world-class support, and innovative technology. With an eye firmly on the future, the Lunar iDXATM intelligently delivers this and more by promising you clinical confidence, reliability, and productivity.


A completely new Win10 based software platform for new and recent Lunar systems is available now.

  • MultiView Image Reconstruction (MVIR) algorithm
  • Narrow-Angle Fan Beam system resulting in no magnification
  • Low dose at unsurpassed precision and accuracy
  • Advanced measurements of Body Composition (lean and fat mass)
  • Corescan: optional Body Composition measurement of the Visceral Fat
  • Advanced Pediatric and Orthopedic features
  • Vertebral Fracture Assessment in Dual Energy