GE Lunar Prodigy

GE Healthcare's Lunar Prodigy is a narrow-angle fan beam densitometer offering from standard AP spine and femur measurement capabilities to more advanced features like Vertebral Fracture Assessment and basic Body Composition. It enables you to assess your patient’s bone health in a fast and seamless computer-driven operation.


A completely new Win10 based software platform for new and recent Lunar systems is available now.

  • MultiView Image Reconstruction (MVIR) algorithm
  • Narrow-Angle Fan Beam system resulting in no magnification
  • Low dose at excellent precision and accuracy
  • DualFemur automatically measurements of both hips
  • SmartFan Feature reducing the scan area and dose with increase of scan speed
  • Measurements of Body Composition (lean and fat mass)
  • Pediatric and Orthopedic features