GE OEC Elite MiniView

Extremity imaging performed easily 

  • Clear: Same size Live and Reference images on a 27" 4K display to easily see fine anatomical details 

  • Fast: Save time positioning detector and quickly lock into place with one button touch 

  • Convenient: For every day demands with 5-minute standby power, planning and dose management features 

The OEC MiniView enables surgeons to single-handedly capture clear, fast, and convenient images in surgical suites or clinical settings every day.




Additional features of OEC MiniView 

  • Align: Minimize additional positioning shots aligning X-ray to patient anatomy with green laser aimer 

  • Position: Sitting or standing, achieve optimal positioning with a wide range of 
    C-arm motion 

  • Minimize: Multiple features to reduce dose, including Live Zoom, low dose mode and Fluorostore 

  • Plan: Plan procedures such as screw placements with Digital Pen, annotations and measurements 


Extremity imaging performed easily 

  • Exceptional detail: Confidently see large 11.8" (30 cm) Live and Reference images presented side-by- side to aid in procedure assessments.

    Visualize fine anatomical details such as trabecular patterns or hairline fractures, captured with a flat panel detector and presented on a 27" 4K display. 

  • Easy to position: Guide and lock the C-arm around patient anatomy in one synchronized movement. Eliminate the frustration of drift by securing four joints with a single SmartLock button. 

  • Save time: When and where needed, OEC MiniView is ready for extremity imaging. With standby power of 5 minutes, OEC MiniView can be unplugged, moved across the room or down the hall, and be ready to image in today’s demanding hospital, emergency room or clinic environments. 

GE OEC Elite MiniView

Manage your mini C-arm single-handedly with speed and ease 

See detailed and full-sized dual images without straining 

Optimize image quality and dose