The OEC One CFD compact mobile C-arm with CMOS flat panel detector (CFD) delivers a Clear View of anatomy across procedural settings in a synchronized, all-in-one workflow. 

Image quality is essential across procedures and procedural settings, including in tight spaces. With OEC One CFD, enjoy the image quality expected from OEC mobile C-arms and the clinical versatility needed in a compact, all-in-one mobile C-arm.  
See more with the Clear View image chain delivering 1:1 image detail from a CMOS flat panel detector to a 4K 27” image display monitor, and with advanced imaging features like Live Zoom. Do more with a synchronized workflow across procedural settings with OEC One CFD’s connected OEC Touch control panel and positioning aids designed to help achieve the imaging precision you need. 

The OEC One CFD is the all-in-one mobile C-arm that lets you see more and do more.

Clear View of anatomy 

  • 1:1 image detail from CMOS detector to 4K display with Clear View image chain 

  • View more anatomy* with CFD and Live Zoom, and review last fluoro sequence with Fluorostore** 

  • Easily view large detailed images on 4K monitor adjustable to surgeon’s line of sight 

Across procedural settings 

  • Point-and-shoot imaging offered in three configurations to suit clinical demands 

  • Easy planning with Digital Pen and C-arm positioning with long handles, color-coded radial dial brakes, and green laser aimers** 

  • Five-minute standby power supports quick transport needs and protects against patient data loss 

All-in-one workflow 

  • Optimize surgical space with connected display on one-piece C-arm 

  • Synchronize workflow with connected OEC Touch control panel 

  • Streamline clinical team’s communication for timely image adjustments and C-arm positioning 

*  Compared to OEC One Image Intensifier 
** Optional 

Optimize space

- Imaging precision: Clear View image chain delivers 1:1 image to detail from CMOS flat panel detector to 4K monitor. 

- Choice of detector: 21cm x 21cm and 31cm x 31cm 

- High-quality technology: Live Zoom and Fluorostore to help you better manage the dose by reducing the need for C-arm repositioning or image retakes. 

- One Touch: Plug & play and intuitive user interface by the OEC Touch tablet.  Transport without restarting thanks to 5-minute standby power.