The OEC Elite CFD offers stunning image clarity and detail at low dose with enhancements for an easy and efficient experience, advanced technology, intelligent workflow, and dose control. Choose between three C-arm models, Ergo-C, Super-C, and Super-C Motorized to complement your surgical needs. 
With a simple touch, focus on critical details and see more with the OEC Elite CFD C-arm portfolio 

Introducing intuitive and powerful features designed to enhance control during surgical imaging: 

The OEC Touch control panel brings standard and advanced imaging functionality to a large touch screen display located at the C-arm. Designed with the operator experience in mind, the OEC Touch control panel has an intuitive layout with familiar OEC sequences in a single tab menu selection. 

Live Zoom brings the power of real-time zoom to surgery suites and enables clinicians to focus in on critical details.  With intuitive touch control, Live Zoom easily zooms up to four times the size on a live image with no change in X-ray technique. 

General HD imaging profile enhances visualization during catheter insertion procedures. The General HD profile softens bones and dense tissue on an X-ray while enhancing visualization of devices, so clinicians can more easily see catheter insertions during procedures like PICC (peripherally inserted central catheters), Port Access, Central Venous Access, and Dialysis catheters. 



The OEC Elite CFD is designed to improve your premium C-arm experience enabling you to: 

  • See more anatomy with exceptional detail at low dose 

  • Experience clinical versatility for complex patients and case mix 

  • Enable surgical workflow with ergonomics and efficiency 

With advanced technology, intelligent workflow, and dose control, the OEC Elite CFD is the future of mobile surgical imaging. Choose between three C-arm models: Ergo-C, Super-C, and Super-C Motorized to complement your surgical needs. 

This system is ideally suited for a range of surgical needs including vascular, cardiac, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, endoscopic, urologic, critical care, pain management and emergency procedures. 


    See What You Need to See 

    • CFD CMOS Flat Detector—a more efficient panel that delivers better image quality at low dose. 

    • True continuous fluoroscopy allows you to view more detail—no stutter, visual lag, or ghosting 

    • Largest Field of View (FOV)*—see 20% more anatomy during your procedures 

    Ease and Efficiency 

    • Efficient image capture with SmartView - 180/180 pivot joint on Ergo C-arm model 

    • Easy C-arm positioning with improved maneuverability and light workstation** 

    • Simplified user interface with less clicks and active icons 

    Imaging Control 

    • Enhanced imaging control and planning with Live Zoom, Digital Pen, measurements and annotations 

    • Multiple imaging profiles for clinical preference:  General, General HD, Bolus Chase, Vascular, Cardiac, Orthopedic, and Spine 

    • Six dose control options that can be used alone or in various combinations: Digital Spot, Digital Cine Pulse, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, Pulse 

    *Compared to monoblock C-arms 
    **Compared to GE OEC 9900 Elite
    Availability of select models and configurations varies by country. Please contact your local sales representative.


      • Exceptional images:  Experience 1:1 detail from CMOS detector to 4K display and innovative features such as Live Zoom up to 4X original size, screen with zoom without any change in X-ray technique 

      • Choice of detector: 21cm x 21cm and 31cm x 31cm 

      • Work confidently: your workflow with an intuitive user interface 

      • Powerful performance: Strength in long procedures and dense anatomy  

      • Ergo C-arm 

      • Super C-arm 

      • Super C-arm Motorized 

      • Integrated green laser