The OEC One II all-in-one mobile C-arm offers superb imaging capabilities, made more accessible for a variety of procedures — from pain management to vascular.

Enjoy image processing advancements in clear, detailed images. Bring images closer to the surgical field on the OEC One's 27" display - mounted on an articulating arm with five ranges of motion. 

Make image adjustments to manage imaging needed on the system's 10.1" TechView tablet with an intuitive touchscreen OEC interface, adjacent to the live image mirrored from the system's image display. Enjoy extra space and maneuverability provided by OEC One's small footprint and ergonomic design for your OR needs. 


A Clear View WHERE you need it 

  • Close - Bring images closer to the surgical field thanks to OEC One's articulating display arm with five ranges of motion 

  • Clear - View crisp, clear 11.8" live and reference images on 27" high resolution display 

  • Accessible - View images from a variety of places 
    - Either side of C-arm 
    - Surgeon seated or standing 
    - C-arm in AP or lateral 

A Clear View WHEN you need it 

  • Synchronized image viewing: Surgeon and rad tech can simultaneously view mirrored live images on both the primary display and TechView tablet right at the system 

  • Fast access : Obtain needed shot with speed and precision 
    - Laser aimers* give additional precision in aligning anatomy with needed shot 
    - Image processing software compensates even when anatomy is not centered 
    - Move to Roadmap directly from Subtraction without interim steps, thanks to automated vascular software*

  • Control at TechView : Quickly make adjustments to image using tablet's intuitive touchscreen OEC interface 
    - After fluoro is released, review and save most recent 240 frames of unsaved acquisition using     Fluorostore button * 
    - Switch between mode pairings* 
    - Utilize dedicated vascular functions* with simple touches 

  • Seamless setup – Transport on standby – without connection to power – for up to five minutes 

*Depending on system configuration 

A Clear View HOW you need it 

  • Point-and-Shoot for sharp IQ- From first shot to last, utilize trusted OEC software to get you the image you need without adjusting systems settings in a variety of procedures, including vascular 

  • Clinical preference - Obtain clinical images according to your preference by swapping from auto settings to TechView tablet commands 


The OEC One II all-in-one mobile C-arm

All-in-One: compact C-arm  

One Touch: synchronized image display and plug & play 

One Click: point-and-shoot technology: start up and immediately available for X-ray