Fujifilm has developed SCALE EYE, a function designed to aid endoscopists in estimating the size of lesions in the colon. Lesion size is considered important information when deciding on therapeutic intervention within the colon e.g. resect and discard, EMR and ESD. However, it is not always straight-forward to estimate lesion size in the endoscopic field of view.

By simply pressing the endoscope switch, SCALE EYE is activated to support the endoscopist to determine the size of the lesion within the endoscopic field of view.

SCALE EYE can be used in combination with White Light or LCI mode and with CAD EYE.


To enable virtual scale functionality, the EC-760 S-A/M and EC-760 S-A/L colonoscopes are equipped with a red laser, which must be used in combination with SCALE EYE software EW10-VM01 and EX-1 hardware.