Masterclass Minimally-Invasive Upper GI Surgery

Minimally-Invasive Upper GI Surgery

Masterclass Workshop

Over the past years advanced surgical techniques for minimally-invasive gastric and esophageal surgery were developed. New surgical strategies and technological innovations brought the upper GI cancer surgery to the highest level. In Mainz the fully minimally-invasive esophageal surgery is the standard procedure beside robotic procedures as well as minimally-invasive gastric cancer surgery. 

In this masterclass workshop the speakers would like to show essential technical steps in minimally-invasive upper GI surgery. Chairs: Prof. Dr. Peter Grimminger and Dr. Felix Berlth


University Medical Center Mainz
Langenbeckstr. 1, 55131 Mainz

Dates 6. + 7. July 2023

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on-site participation
in Mainz

Richard Wolf GmbH
Frau Ines Vrkic, Marketing Manager Prima Vista
Tel. +49 7043 35-4377

Workshop fee EUR 700.00 (incl. welcome dinner, catering during the workshop and shuttle)

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Language English