Single-use Urology Videoscopes

Scivita Medical single-use Videoscopes are disposable flexible endoscopes for all the clinical needs of critical care and the urology suite. The 120° field of view and 0,5-120 mm depth of field help surgeons to observe the lesion wider and farther. Excellent maneuverability ensures that the operation is on effective. Even with instruments in working channel, it can be manipulated at will.

  • Plug and play. Off the shelf ready. 
  • Consistency every time.
  • You decide which hand drives.
  • Avoid cross-infection.
  • Save on sterilize and maintenance costs.
  • Eradicate unnecessary repair bills.
  • Save time post procedure, no need for scope integrity testing.

Single-use Ureteroscope and Single-use Cystoscope


Single-use Ureteroscope SUV-2A-B / SUV-2C-B
The single-use Ureteroscopes with Tablet Processor presents a superior and secure solution to surgeons and patients. Especially the additional ±60° rotation function enables higher surgical precision and an optimal visualization throughout the whole urological tract.

Single-use Cystoscope SUV-1D-B
The device features high-definition CMOS imaging and integrated LED lighting, enabling a 120° field of view and a depth of view ranging from 0,5 to 120 mm. This allows for a comprehensive observation of the bladder wall and minimizes the likelihood of missed diagnoses.

Reference Description Field of View

Observation range

ø Insertion Section (OD)

ø Distal End

ø Working Channel (ID) Working Length Total Length Angulation range


Single-use Ureteroscope


0,5~120 mm

8,4 Fr
2,8 mm

7,8 Fr
2,6 mm
3,6 Fr
1,2 mm
680 mm 990 mm

285° Up/Down

SUV-2C-B Single-use Ureteroscope 120° 0,5~120 mm 7,5 Fr
2,5 mm
7,2 Fr
2,4 mm
3,6 Fr
1,2 mm
680 mm 990 mm 285° Up/Down
SUV-1D-B Single-use Cystoscope 120° 0,5~120 mm 16,2 Fr
5,4 mm
  6,6 Fr
2,2 mm
380 mm   220° Up/Down


HDVS-S100A Endoscopic Image Processor

  • The processor is compatible with various monitors. 32'' monitor is highly recommended.

HDVS-S300A Full-HD Visualization Endoscopic Image Processor

  • Portable touch screen monitor with Full-HD resolution (1920×1080p) offering excellent imaging on 13.3" screen.