Dry & protected endoscopes

The DSC8000 is a drying and storage cabinet that holds up to 8 endoscopes and maintains their microbiological quality for 7 days. Each endoscope is stored in an individual tray with a lid in order to guarantee protection against knocks and contamination while being handled. The endoscope is completely dried thanks to two simultaneous air flows through each channel and outside the endoscope.


Simplicity of the Soluscope Complete Solution

Connectors remain with the endoscope during the whole process from the Soluscope AER to the storage and drying cabinet. This innovation has been developed to ensure more safety for the patient and the endoscope, and to maintain simplicity for the user.

The intuitive touch screen makes the DSC8000 easy-to-use and facilitates access to the IT Soluscope platform for complete data traceability and real-time management of your machine and endoscope fleet.
The cabinet is also available in a “pass-through” version with double doors.

Technical Specification

Capacity: 8 endoscopes

Validated storage time: Up to 7 days

Air Supply: Embedded compressor or connection to medical/technical air

Version: Single door/Pass-Through