High Acute Care


Patient Monitoring

The CARESCAPE patient monitoring concept offers a wide range of integrated solutions. Modular and compact monitoring, as well as wireless as networking, give the caregiver more than just hardware and software. CARESCAPE monitoring provides a wide solution and simultaneously a high technological specialization for each departement.

Giraffe OmniBed GE General Electrics

Maternal and Infant Care

Because the life of NICU is very delicate, we must rely on the equipment to keep our small patient warm and stable. Our concern is making life a bit more bearable for these fragile patients.

LIfe Base Ventilation Medumat Weimann



We offer high-quality solutions for patient ventilation in the most diverse circumstances.

Aisys CS² GE General Electrics


Several high-quality solutions for a modern anesthesia practice, each with specific qualities and benefits, from basic solutions up to the most advanced Anesthesia Carestations. 

Our integrated Anesthesia Carestations combine advanced anesthesia administration with extensive anesthesia monitoring and clinical information management. 

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