Sterilization packaging material

Wipak offers a wide variety of packaging types for all common sterilization processes, and optimum size for each item.

Steriking® sterilization packaging products are well known for their high quality and reliable performance.
In addition, it is possible to produce other sizes and/or private label.

The wide assortment includes

  • Regular pouches, pouches with gussets and self-sealing pouches
  • Regular rolls and rolls with gussets
  • Non-woven pouches, paper bags and dust-cover bags
  • Heat-Sealable Pouches and Rolls
  • LT-Blueline with Tyvek®,
  • Self seal pouches, cover bags
  • Pouch for robotic instruments
  • Tray liner

Tyvek laminates, bags and rolls (steam, gas, plasma and hot air sterilization) Sterilization bags and rolls

Our reliable Steriking® Sterile Barrier Systems provide solutions for infection prevention.

The Steriking® range offers a wide range of wrap types for all common sterilization methods, and an optimal size for each item. Steriking® sterilization wrap products are known for their proven high quality and reliable performance. It is possible to produce a different size.

Bags and rolls

Our packaging bags and rolls offer a quick and simple process for individual instruments, smaller sets and other items while providing the reliable sterile barrier properties required. There is a product available for each sterilization method.

Laminated bags for INTUTIVE® robotic instruments

Steriking® Robotic Instrument Pouches are extra strong pouches co-developed with INTUITIVE® for laparoscopic instruments used in robotic surgery. These bags are also suitable for other delicate instruments or ensembles.

Non-woven/laminated bags, paper bags and dust covers.

Non-woven/laminated bags, paper bags and dust covers Steriking® TEX-Line peel pouches are a combination of a tough non-woven fabric and Wipak's Multi-X9 film, offering superior benefits to laminated pouches.

Dust bags are available both sealable and self-sealing with an adhesive strip and available in multiple sizes.

Sterile wrap sheets

For packing instruments and linen sets or other bulky devices.

Special crepe paper

The crepe brings more suppleness. Made with bleached virgin paper pulp, moisture resistant. Available in green and white.

Reinforced soft crepe

Improved flexibility and drape. Made with bleached virgin paper pulp. Available in blue.

Non-woven sheets with increased softness and strength

High tear resistance which guarantees safe handling of heavier devices. Use as or with crepe papers or textiles Economical inner packaging for containers A good drape prevents the sheets from slipping. Water and alcohol resistance minimizes the risk of liquid contamination.

ProWrap SMX

  • High quality medical packaging manufactured for demanding applications.
  • State-of-the-art technology has resulted in a unique multi-layered SMX concept.
  • Combines five layers of spunbound and meltblown (SSMMS) polypropylene, for superior strength but a lightweight appearance.
  • Superior barrier against microbial penetration thanks to the two layers of integrated short Meltblown fibers.
  • Extremely durable materials with high tear and burst resistance.
  • Excellent water repellent and also a variety of alcohol resistant qualities.
  • Optimal softness and drapability for ease of use.
  • Suitable for steam, EO, FO and hydrogen peroxide (plasma gas) sterilization.

Combined wraps

  • Interleaved packaging combining all the strengths of two materials.
  • The combination of two colors makes it easy to detect potential defects and facilitates the packaging process with interlocking outer and inner layers that also make them resistant to alcohols.

Suitable for steam and gas sterilization.

Platter covers

  • Use with surgical instrument trays for added protection.
  • Absorbs excess condensation during autoclaving.
  • Special moisture resistant paper.
  • Virtually no lint.


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