X-tRAYnings - How to manage your OR Imaging dose


As surgical procedures moved from open to minimally invasive, the need for intraoperative imaging emerged and radiation entered the OR. And so did the concern over dose, as radiation dose is cumulative and it can be harmful to the body.

Obviously every surgeon wants the best IQ (Image Quality) at the lowest possible dose. But what are these best practices for reducing dose? Our product expert C-arms and Radioprotection, knows how to get the most out of your GE OEC C-arm, considering the ALARA Principle*.

*“ALARA” (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) has been used for more than 20 years by radiation protection professionals. It is considered that the two expressions – optimization of radiation protection and ALARA - are synonymous and interchangeable (ICRP, 2006).


Radiation protection training to protect patient and staff

On request, our PM is available to give a one hour in-depth training to help you reduce operator dose through education and innovative dose management tools. This course is intended for nursing staff and surgeons. The objective of this training is to obtain the best image with the lowest possible dose with the GE OEC C-arms.

    At the end of the training, you'll know everything about:

    • the dangers of X-rays;
    • the importance of protecting yourself (lead apron, lead goggles, dosimeter,...) ;
    • the distance when using X-rays and
    • ergonomics.

    Did you know ☺️

    ... the 'GE OEC Elite' and 'GE OEC One' C-arms have a smiley face on the panel? This icon is an indicator of how to position the patient, so upside down, unusable images and repositioning are a thing of the past.

    This, and many more tips and tricks, are shared during the X-tRAYnings.

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