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MAC2000 GE General Electrics

Cardiac and cardio-pulmonary tests

Your look at the engine of life

Acertys offers diagnostic appliances that unveils the patient's heart to the specialist for a fast and accurate diagnose.

The complete portfolio consists of rest and stress ECG appliances, Holter monitoring, etc.

Vyntus CPX Vyaire

Pulmonary function tests

Systems for the analysis of heart, lung and metabolism disorders.

Acertys is also active in the fast growing market of sleep diagnostics and specialised in optimizing your data management thanks to our own IT department who optimizes the connections between your equipment and the hospital IT system.


Horizon Performance Magstim


Performing and liable solutions for neurology and physical medicine.

Acertys is the exclusive distributor of:

  • Natus: these products are brought to the market under the known branch names such as Dantec, Nicolet and Medelec/Oxford. The systems measure and analyze the neurophysiologic system of the body.
  • Magstim Company Ltd: magnetic nerve stimulators for both diagnostically as well as for therapeutically purposes.

The connection between your diagnostic equipment and the hospital's information system is optimized by experienced IT specialists of Acertys.



Systems for the diagnosis of reflux and motility problems of the esophagus and the anorectal canal. Acertys supplies Medtronic pH/Z measuring equipment to diagnose reflux, as well as systems that can detect motility problems via High Resolution Manometry.

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