Fujifilm Eluxeo Ultra


Eluxeo Ultra is one of the first endoscopy systems to detect and characterise lesions in real-time. Working together with our existing Eluxeo platform, our new AI endoscopy technology, CAD EYE, provides enhanced support to physicians, delivering our most powerful, complete and comprehensive package for endoscopists.

This is just the first addition to the Eluxeo Ultra family of technologies. The Eluxeo Ultra platform will accommodate a range of future tools and technologies as they evolve, so our best endoscopy system for your patients today will remain so tomorrow.

VP 7000


The ELUXEO system enables you to make use of the many features provided by Fujifilm’s wide range of scopes along with the innovative 4- LED illumination system and its innovative visualisation modes LCI and BLI. It is also compatible with the 600 and 500 series of scopes. The processor creates high quality images and videos displayed in full HD on the monitor. Automatic back-up mode for data storage is integrated and the processor is also DICOM compatible.

Eluxeo Ultra


CAD EYE has been trained with a powerful supercomputer located in Fujifilm’s global AI technology centre in Tokyo, utilizing an immense amount of clinical images using Fujifilm endoscopy systems. As a result, CAD EYE is a customised detection and characterisation support compatible with the ELUXEO™ system.