DDR – Dynamic Digital Radiography

DDR Konica

DDR technology

Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) allows you to observe movement like never before. This novel low-dose X-ray imaging technique enables visualization of anatomy in motion. 

This technology developed by Konica Minolta makes it possible to take up to 15 frames per second of low-dose radiographies using a mobile x-ray device."

Dynamic image production using a mobile X-ray machine and wireless transmission is a one-of-a-kind innovation.

The advantage of being able to produce such images at the patient's bedside is, in particular, to perform a ventilatory or pulmonary perfusion analysis. These analyzes do not require contrast means, considerably reducing the risks for the patient.

It is also no longer necessary to move the patient to a modality to carry out these analyses.
This saving of time and comfort is undeniable in a structure where the workflow is constantly increasing.

The applications are not limited to pulmonary analysis since it is also possible to perform dynamic musculoskeletal imaging. Here are some examples of the possibilities:

DDR Konica

In addition to these numerous possibilities, it is also possible to carry out dynamic examinations requiring opacification using a contrast product.
Swallowing imaging, hysterosalpingography and even a bite after bariatric surgery become possible at the patient's bedside:

The Konica AeroDR TX is the first mobile radiology device capable of dynamic imaging using a wireless sensor. Discover it on our website.

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