Discover the future of neurodiagnostics with Cadwell's Sierra Summit® - now available exclusively at Duomed

Sierra Summit

Discover Cadwell's innovative products on our website, including the Sierra Summit® one of the most dynamic neurodiagnostic systems on the market. This system performs a wide range of examinations such as EMG, NCS, VEP, AEP, MEP, SSEP, Ultrasound, and more.

Sierra summit + fuzon

Watch the video to see how the Sierra Summit®, Sierra NMUS1® and Sierra® 4 software work together to improve your workflow and expand your clinical capabilities.

The Sierra Summit® is specifically designed for applications in neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Personalise your system by choosing the amplifiers, stimulators, accessories and electrodes that best suit your practice. The all-new, flexible Sierra® 4 software offers protocol licensing, so you select only the test protocols you use. You also have the choice between several customised carts, computers, monitors, or you can use your own peripherals.

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