Endoscopy on Air: Colonoscopy Trends

Endoscopy on Air

Endoscopy on Air FUJIFILM: Colonoscopy Trends

Endoscopy On Air Satellite Event with Fujifilm – enjoy a top, complimentary course on latest developments in diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy! 

Learn more on modern, state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy from top class experts – how artificial intelligence with influence practice and how to best resect small and large polyps!

Colonoscopy and polypectomy are probably the most influential and relevant techniques in gastroenterology. With polyp removal being the decisive factor in preventing colorectal cancer.

However, there is still a lot to be done until we reach an optimal stage of colonoscopy techniques, for the benefit of our patients. So, how can we improve our polyp detection ability, as well as, complete resection of preneoplastic lesions? Mastering colonoscopy and polypectomy is the way to fight colorectal cancer. Being one of the main tumor burdens we currently face.