First combination GE OEC 3D & Brainlab

PLIF Neurosurgery I Imelda Ziekenhuis Bonheiden

The Neurosurgery department of Imelda Ziekenhuis in Bonheiden treats disorders of skull and brain, spinal cord and spine and peripheral nerves. The department head of Neurosurgery is Dr. Patrick Van Schaeybroeck, his team is joined by Dr. Benedikt Hermans and Dr. Charles Smets. 

We had the honour to join Dr. Charles Smets in the operating room for a Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) were the GE OEC 3D was used in combination with the Brainlab system. 

PLIF surgery stands for Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion. In this procedure, vertebrae of the lumbar vertebral column are fixed together. This may involve fixing two or more vertebrae.

The GE OEC 3D is a C-arm with the flexibility to acquire both precise 3D and 2D images without switching systems, for this procedure the GE OEC 3D was used in combination with Brainlab offering precise high quality images to assist the neurosurgeon during the procedure. 

First combination GE OEC 3D & Brainlab

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