Meet our expert | Geert Kuys

Geert Kuys, Division Director Surgical & Interventional

Acertys, part of the Duomed Group, makes a difference to customers every day thanks to our employees/experts who go the extra mile, day in and day out. For us, the story does not stop with the delivery of our products. As a Total Solutions Provider, we think along with the customer and offer customized solutions through our years of IT expertise, services, training, etc. 

We put some of our internal experts in front of the camera to share their experiences. Where do they make the difference for the customer every day? Which projects are they proud of? What gives them satisfaction in their job? They are happy to share their stories and anecdotes.

Meet Geert Kuys, Division Director Surgical & Interventional. Geert has 30 years of experience in the medical field and takes you behind the scenes of our Surgical & Interventional division.

Watch the full interview with Geert here:


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