Practical EBUS/EUS training for nurses


Practical EBUS/EUS training for nurses

Dr. Maarten Criel M.D. PhD is Pulmonologist from Respiratory Oncology at Oost-Limburg Hospital.

Thanks to the support of Duomed Belgium, he organised an EBUS/EUS training focused on the actions of a nurse during this complex procedure.

The EBUS/EUS procedure is an intervention that is performed by a doctor and a nurse. After completing the training, a nurse is able to assist the doctor during this procedure, partly through the use of state-of-the-art equipment. The nurse understands the principles of EBUS/EUS and is able to orient herself in the mediastinum.

The first successful training sessions took place in early February, spread over 3 mornings, in dutch.

Do you want a tailor-made training? Please contact our endoscopy team to get more information, without obligation.

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Claudia Claesen, Endoscopy nurse of the Oost-Limburg Hospital presents the 'Practical tools for the Endoscopy nurse'.

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