We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Starmed

Starmed transporters are the perfect, compact intensive care transporters for professional and gentle "bed to bed transfer" of your intensive care patients.

The Starmed transporter is not a custom ambulance stretcher, but a specially designed medical device made of high quality materials with incredible capabilities and an extremely long life span (5 year warranty). This transporter provides a mobile, flexible and modular intensive care unit even in the smallest ambulances.

Step by step the wishes and needs are discussed and thus your own transporter is built so that it meets all your requirements. This transporter can be designed for pediatric patients up to obese adults. Drawings are made to measure so that throughout the whole process a clear picture can be formed of the transporter. This way we guarantee the perfect solution for you.

If necessary, things can be changed, exchanged, completed or updated after production. It doesn't matter if you need a different chassis adapter, have to replace a damaged assembly, want to integrate a new device or need a wider bed... A Starmed transporter is incredibly flexible and prevents the piling up of appliances on top of the mattress.

There are different solutions, depending on the wishes and needs of the user and patient population. We make a distinction between assembly on all commonly used stretchers in Belgium or design of a complete own chassis.


Build up transporter

The ITS-Terra 100 can be used with pediatric and adult patients (maximum patient weight 180kg) and is tested up to 22G forces. This transporter can be assembled on all commonly used stretchers in Belgium, there is a choice of 6 different mattress versions, 3 different heights and it can carry up to 50kg of medical equipment. Which medical equipment is to be placed on the transporter is entirely the choice of the user. Furthermore, special helicopter adapters are also available.


The ITS Terra - ECMO kids has been adapted by making the bed 50 cm longer and 2 battery systems have been provided. There is also room for 17 different medical devices and 4 gas cylinders. This can also be assembled on all commonly used stretchers in Belgium and helicopter adapters are available.


Design own chassis

With the Heavystar, the choices are endless, with this transporter more space is provided to carry medical equipment and a completely proprietary chassis is designed. The Heavystar is suitable for children to obese patients (maximum total weight is 400kg) and is fully electrically driven. This transporter has been tested to 11.4G forces.