Workshop KOELIS Trinity®

KOELIS Trinity®

We are thrilled to invite you on behalf of Duomed to explore the groundbreaking product, KOELIS Trinity®, developed by KOELIS, a fully integrated mobile MRI fusion imaging platform exclusively designed for personalized prostate care. During this workshop you will exchange with Dr. Alexandre Peltier, an expert user, and attend live cases.

KOELIS Trinity® is a cutting-edge medical device revolutionizing prostate lesion detection and targeting. Featuring 3D ultrasound probes and KOELIS® patented Organ-Based Tracking MRI Fusion® technology, it ensures unparalleled accuracy and confidence in delineating lesions. Its sensor-less prostate motion tracking capability enables reliable mapping even in the presence of patient movement, while being user-friendly and low-maintenance.

Join us on the 23rd and 24th of September for an immersive experience. Witness firsthand how this innovative technology is revolutionizing prostate care, offering tailored solutions and unparalleled precision.

To ensure the best possible experience and maximize interaction the number of participants is limited to 4.