MAC 600

MAC™ 600: Connect hearts to digital ECG with this capable, portable and easy-to-use digital ECG system.

Get one of the leading clinical technologies, on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper; and the diagnostic confidence that comes from Marquette 12SL analytical tools – all tucked inside a portable, easy-to-use ecg system.  

A product by GE Healthcare

Easy to use 

  • Easier-to-use ecg technology helps clinicians test more patients in less time, increasing access to healthcare . 
  • The connect-and-click design allows for a fast, simple ecg process that lets you focus on diagnosis. 
  • Enjoy the intuitive keypad for simple, one-touch operation.    

 Clear display 

  • 12-lead colour display provides clear results review without printing.
  • On-screen Marquette™ 12SL™   analysis supports diagnostic confidence.    


  • At 1.2 kg, the MAC 600 is one of the lightest ecg’s available. 
  • Long-lasting lithium battery can perform up to 250 ecg tests on one charge. 
  • SD card storage of ecg’s (similar to a digital camera) offers easy, portable access to information. Simply take your SD card with you for fast download and printing from a secure computer.

Expanded abilities 

  • Connect easily to the MUSE™  (1) Cardiology Information System. 
  • Hookup Advisor™  indicates accuracy of  ecg signal quality, helping you to avoid repeats.   

1 May not be available for all the versions of MUSE; please contact your Acertys representative for the latest information   


  • Save ecg results as a pdf file, eliminating the need for costly proprietary ecg review software. 
  • Eliminate paper costs and storage issues.   


  • Energy-efficient lithium battery powers three hours of use on one charge 
  • Using the paperless on-screen review feature, the MAC 600 can allow to save paper 
Connecting hearts and minds

A clear view of cardiac health in just one click.