Tubing and Cable Holder

NeoGrips are the original lightweight tubing, cable, and circuit organizer designed to maintain the integrity of linen and clothing. The simple design is easy to use and helps to prevent line entanglement or dislodging. Available in multiple colors to personalize for patients, color-code per hospital needs, or simply brighten up the unit. Great for use with ambulatory patients, kangaroo care, or in-home care settings.

A product by Neotech
Features & Benefits
  • Helps to keep tubes, cables and circuits together
  • Allows for better patient mobility
  • Attaches to linen or clothing without damaging
  • Helpful during kangaroo care
  • Open and close repeatedly with no residue
  • Can be used in clinical or home care setting
  • Great for ambulatory patients
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP