Vortex® Ports (LP, MP, TR & VX)

AngioDynamics’ Vortex revolutionizes port design with a rounded chamber that has no sludge-harboring corners or dead spaces.

State-of the-art tangential outlets and clear-flow technology set up efficient flushing action to hyper-cleanse the entire chamber, resist sludge build up, and reduce occlusions and infections. This represents a major improvement over conventional port technology in which perpendicular outlets produce chaotic flow and inefficient flushing, and square corners that promote the formation of sludge within dead space.

Designed for extended life, Vortex ports provide better patient outcomes, fewer complications, less nursing time and lower expenses than when a conventional port is placed. Vortex models include the LP, MP, TR and VX (see below for specifications).

A product by AngioDynamics