Infinity Cytology sampling device ERCP

Thanks to the new bristle design, this device for biliary cytology achieves a diagnostic sensitivity rate of up to 85% (30 - 60% for standard devices). The Infinity®  is designed for collecting substantial and quality pathological samples of strictures in the CBD during ERCP procedures and can be used with long and short-wire systems.

The nitinol drive wire is extremely flexible and dimensionally stable. Sampling devices: product no 711499 for Polypectomy and product no 711652, 711653 for ERCP.

ERCP Devices Animation – Features & Benefits

Product No


ø Sheath

Brush size

Guide wire
Length Unit
711652 Infinity ERCP sampling device 3,0 mm

4,75 mm x 29 mm


200 cm

711653 Infinity ERCP sampling device 2,5 mm

3,0 mm x 24 mm

0,035'' 200 cm 5
711499 Infinity Cytology device 2,4 mm     230 cm 5